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FFAC Play Arts Kai Sephiroth AF

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Comics & Collectibles » Statues » FFAC Play Arts Kai Sephiroth AF


FFAC Play Arts Kai Sephiroth AF

Square Enix

Entering the battlefield with his hair and clothing flowing behind him, Sephiroth cuts a figure combining delicate elegance and formidable strength. This imposing figure shows Sephiroth revived, radiating an overwhelming power from the Jenova cells within his body. He exudes the dangerous air of a man who would try to bring about the destruction of the planet using the forbidden magic of Meteor. His shining silver hair is depicted using clear materials to give it a realistic translucence, while his eyes are finely colored to appear as if glowing with Mako energy. The single wing and katana Masamune accessories included in the package are also sculpted to the highest standards, with a diligent attention to detail and coloring.

The quality of this figure is equal to that of Sephiroth's archrival Cloud in every way. Seeing them standing side-by-side is certain to immerse the viewer in the world of Final Fantasy VII once more ... Figure includes display stand and interchangeable hand parts.

Extra Info

Cover Artist:
Name: FFAC Play Arts Kai Sephiroth AF
Page Count:
Publication Year: 2017
Publisher: Square Enix
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Title: FFAC Play Arts Kai Sephiroth AF


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